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Limited Edition

Epic Legacy of the Edmonton Eskimos is a limited edition publication. That means only a fixed number of copies of this edition will be produced. Once sold out, fans who still want to buy the book will have no alternative but to turn to aftermarket channels, such as online auction sites. So, don’t delay. Reserve your individually-numbered copy today!

Book Numbering

Every book is individually numbered. Sorry, but we are not able to provide specific book numbers. We will, however, fulfill each order with the lowest numbered book(s) available at the time of processing that order.

Order Processing

Orders will be processed in the order they are received to the best of our ability. Orders that are paid in full at the time they are placed will receive priority handling and will be shipped ahead of orders not paid in full when placed.

Corporate Sales

Epic Legacy of the Edmonton Eskimos makes an ideal corporate gift. If you would like to chat about how we can help you thank your clients or customers for their support, drop us a line with your contact information and we’ll give you a call: [email protected]


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Order Cancellation & Refunds

See Refunds.

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